We all had our reasons for becoming who we were; for staying that way.”

— Magnolia Porter (The Guilt of a Sparrow)

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The Guilt of a Sparrow QUIZ  

Hot off the presses and ready for your enjoyment, a quiz to find out which character you are from The Guilt of a Sparrow!! 


I took it and got Magnolia Porter.  No surprise there, haha.  

Hop on over to Facebook, take the quiz, then let me know who you got!  

a gift for you* 

Hello fellow romantics.  How are you?  

If you didn't sign up in time for my April newsletter, it's not too late.  Anyone who signs up during April will still get the free alternate opening scene told from Cotton's point of view.

Also, surprise! I made you a pretty desktop wallpaper.  *Phone wallpaper, keep scrolling.  

You have TWO choices: 



In theory, you can click on the one you like best, then right click, then choose "use image as desktop picture."  Let's see how that works.  

A friend…

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the romance genre  

In a recent facebook post, I asked for people's thoughts on the romance genre.  Specifically why they thought there still existed a negative stigma.  

A few proud romance readers didn't hold back in confessing their love.  (Pun intended).  

A few admitted to reading them, but feeling embarrassed.  

Others said they didn't like romance books because they're poorly written ... too predictable ... leave nothing to the imagination.  


I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised.  

See, I write romance…

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thoughtful romantics 

I've started a Facebook group for my readers.  The Thoughtful Romantics 

Okay, okay, I know I'm jumping the gun.  Jess, your book isn't even out yet!  Yes, but I'M SO DARN EXCITED!  

If you're on Facebook, stop by and say hello.  Like/follow my page.  Join The Thoughtful Romantics reader group.  

I will share extra content with you.  Talk to you about the characters and story.  Answer your questions.  All around be annoyingly excited about my book.  :). 

Today I shared this:  "There’s no use feeling…

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Books I read in 2017  

My good friend Karen Farrington always posts the books she's read the past year, and I'm feeling inspired to do so myself.  

I'll put a * by the ones I highly recommend.  :) 

Nowhere But Here, Katie McGarry 
Walk the Edge, Katie McGarry 
Dragon's Lair, Chantal Fernando 
Arrow's Hell, Chantal Fernando 
Tracker's End, Chantal Fernando 
*Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo 
Goddess, Kelee Morris 
Happily Ever Ninja, Penny Reid 
*The Darkest Part of the Forest, Holly Black 
The Coldest Girl in Cold Town, Holly Black 

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social media 

Good day, friends.  You've found your way to my website.  More specifically the portion dedicated to my blog.  

I used to keep a family blog.  Back in the dark ages before facebook, when there was no better way to share photos of your kids with your scattered family.  I've long since given up the notion.  

I'm all over social media these days.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Which is your favorite?  No really, do tell.  I'm curious.  

My favorite is generally Facebook, followed closely by Instagram…

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why romance?

A question I've already been asked numerous times is, why romance?  

The answer is simple:  it makes me happy.  

Falling in love is the best.  Finding a person that likes your quirks and wants to be with you is the best.  Learning how to be yourself while falling for someone else is complicated and amazing.  

I read love stories because they bring me joy.  I write them for the same reasons.  

My characters are flawed.  As are real people.  They have something to overcome.  As we all do.  I tell the story of those people with the promise of a happy ending.  

The romance genre catches a lot of slack.  Endures a plethora of put-downs.  It's laughed at and picked on.  I hid my romance books for a long time - considering them guilty pleasures.  As a writer, when the only work I loved and finished were romances, I had to change my mind.  I am not ashamed that I devour romance novels.  Neither should you be.  Embrace it!  Read along with me.  <3