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All of Jess’ currently published books are set in the fictional town of Fox River, North Carolina.  A beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains with an active community and too much gossip.  You can expect to find weekly bluegrass jams, the annual Slip ‘N Slide festival every July, and the new Polar Cone Fest in February.  Come for a visit and you’ll never want to leave!


Reading this book felt like I was slipping into a beautiful dream. The writing completely captivated me, transporting me into the small town setting with characters who quickly felt like my friends. I read it in two sittings – the second one taking me into the early hours of the morning as I just couldn’t put this one down. Highly recommended.

Five Star Review

The Guilt of a Sparrow

Jess B Moore cleverly draws the reader into the story of Annabelle and Asher. The small town with weekly bluegrass jams is a place I’d love to live. Steamy without the X rating, the relationship encounters more realistic hurdles than many modern romances and touches on real issues. The support characters are also well developed. A great read! 

Five Star Review

Fierce Grace

I adored these quirky, irresistible, and complex characters. Ms. Moore certainly has a knack for casting her tales with uniquely compelling and slighted dented yet highly endearing individuals. Penny and Dominic were both adorable, highly appealing, and gentle souls who were well worth knowing. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Moore conjures next for Fox River.

Five Star Review

The Worth of a Penny

This is a story about forgiveness, especially forgiving yourself. It deals with new beginnings when you finally let go of your past. Some of the issues touched upon include alcoholism, domestic abuse and sexual assault, but not in any graphic ways. This is a romance, but it is more than that. It shows how two people who love each other can heal one another by accepting mistakes and moving on. 

Five Star Review

Saving Grace

It was quite an emotional read in places and the author left me wanting to give the main characters Mallie and Otis big hugs at times, they were so well developed and believable – I was really invested in their story! I loved reading how their relationships developed, the story has drama, romance and ultimately their determination to succeed.  A lovely story, well written with some fabulous characters – highly recommended!!

Five Star Review

The Chapel

As is her style, Ms. Moore’s engaging arrangements of words were easy to follow yet told an unusually insightful, perceptive, and profoundly observant story with real-world issues, all the feels, and recognizable yet uniquely conflicted characters. She deftly slipped in updates and threads of the previously featured characters in this delightfully ongoing series while maintaining a strong standalone storyline in the current installment.

Five Star Review

The Heart of a Peach

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I write about love, hope, and happiness within the messiness of life.  Small towns, big hearts, and happily ever afters.