Writing is the part of my job with the least struggle.  I like creating characters and crafting their stories.  Getting published is a joy and something I will never get used to or take for granted.  Building my own website, doing my own marketing, and learning how to run my empire (by empire I mean tiny cabin in the woods), is a different story.  

I entered into a world of CSS and SEO and web design.  For the record:  I still don’t know what those things mean!  It’s complicated!  This is a learn as you go job, and I’m putting my all into figuring it out.

After a year of having an easy all-in-one website, I’ve swapped to a new venture which requires skills I’ve yet to acquire, and it’s a process.  Thank you for your patience while I build this site from the ground up to bring you something beautiful.

Jess B.

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