My second published book was Fierce Grace, a love story about learning to trust, and overcoming your past.  Did you know I actually wrote Fierce Grace before I wrote my first published book, The Guilt of a Sparrow?

When I first started writing, I was a “starter.”  Every idea that popped into my mind, I opened a new document, and I wrote it out.  Some of these attempts ended after scribblings of characters and a few scenes.  Some developed into full-length would-be-books.  Fierce Grace was one that I wrote many years prior to even thinking about publishing a book.  It waited, filled with shaky story telling, and hope to see the light of day.

Then one magical day, Crooked Cat Books liked my submission, and wanted to read more from me.  They wanted to publish The Guilt of a Sparrow!  They were upfront about having an expiration date – they weren’t going to be around forever, and wouldn’t be accepting submissions much longer either.  I liked their philosophy on being author-led, and I loved their encouragement to find support within their group of other authors, and I was happy to be working with them.  I even liked that they would be there to hold my hand through the daunting publishing process, guiding me while I learned to market and promote myself, then they’d step back, and I’d take over with self-publishing.

Within a couple weeks of having a deal with Crooked Cat, I submitted Fierce Grace, sliding it in their closing submission window and hoping for the best.  It felt risky to put myself out there – again!  They liked it, and wanted to publish it months after my first release.  I then re-wrote the entire thing, and changed the story line to fit within the Fox River world I’d created for The Guilt of a Sparrow.

I knew I wanted to write a series, but it had originally been two separate series.  One with the MacKenna brothers, starting with The Guilt of a Sparrow, and the other with the Grace brothers, starting with Fierce Grace.

Now, those worlds are combined – and the series are intertwined!

I’ve since published the first two of BOTH brother stories.

If you’re into chronological order, the read order is as follows:
The Guilt of a Sparrow
Fierce Grace
The Worth of a Penny
Saving Grace
The Chapel (a spin off Fox River novel)

If you’re more into one family of brothers or the other, each book can be read as a stand-alone, and you can split them this way:
The Guilt of a Sparrow (MacKenna Bros #1)
The Worth of a Penny (MacKenna Bros #2)
Fierce Grace (Grace Bros #1)
Saving Grace (Grace Bros #2)
The Chapel (Bell Brothers spin off)

I am currently working on The Heart of a Peach (the third MacKenna brother novel), which will be available late summer or early fall 2020.  Next will be Claiming Grace (the third Grace brother novel), out sometime in early to mid 2021.

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