I’ve been reading Meghan Quinn’s baseball romance books. There are currently 5, with the next one out in 10 Sept 2020!

These are interconnected stand alones, not a series. BUT I can’t read books like this without doing it in chronological order! Haha. I asked Meghan, and she was happy to share the read order.

So far I’ve read:
The Locker Room
The Dugout
The Lineup

I’m currently reading: The Trade

Next up is:
The Change Up
The Set Up (the one releasing on 10 Sept).

How did I find these books?
I’m in a group hosted by KU Romance authors, and Meghan is one of them. I saw The Change Up pop up a few times, and got sucked in (tattooed guy on the cover did it for me, haha). As soon as I started reading it, I realized there were other books before that one, and I HAD to go back.

Of the three I’ve read, The Dugout is by far my favorite. On account of the sweetness of the guy, and the epic awkwardness of the gal.

The Locker Room is a good intro into the world of Chicago baseball. Starts off with college ball. I liked Knox. I liked Emory. I was a little put off by their meeting and the continued crass humor.
The Dugout continues with the college level ball. I immediately fell for Carson and his drive to improve along with his willingness to train with a female coach. Millie is sweet and awkward, but also a total badass, especially about baseball.
The Lineup is professional level ball. But we met both main characters in college (this is why you read the other books first people!). I thought I’d love it, because Jason is an adorable goofball. But he’d go off on tangents that would leave me rolling my eyes. Overall still loved it, but it’s not been my favorite.

The Trade is vying for a spot as favorite! Cory is the older brother of the leading lady in The Dugout, so I already knew him and how generous and kind he was (at least with his sister, haha). Natalie is Jason’s older sister (from The Lineup) and I have loved getting to know her better!  We have a case of forced proximity happening in this one, too, which is fun … but with all the tension!

Bonus: they’re all FREE to read if you have Kindle Unlimited!! (With as many books as I read, I save a LOT by reading KU books).

Get started here:

Add them to your goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44010609-the-locker-room


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