Jennifer C. Wilson, author of Historical Fiction with Spirit

Who are you?  Tell us your name, any recently or soon-to-be published books, and what you’re all about.   

I’m Jennifer C. Wilson (Jen), and my most recent publication was the third in my Kindred Spirits series, Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey, where we got to meet a ‘tantrum of Tudors’ (totally trying to claim that as a collective noun), as well as some of my favourites from the previous two books, including Mary, Queen of Scots. 

My books are stories about ghosts, rather than ghost stories, given that I’m one of the biggest wimps you’ll ever meet… 

I’m also getting excited about the fourth book in the series, Kindred Spirits: York, which is due for release in early 2019. I’m about to start working with my editor, which I always enjoy!

Indie or Traditional?  Or somewhere in between?  Tell us how you’re getting your books out into the world.  

I’ve currently got three of my Kindred Spirits series released through Crooked Cat Books, with a fourth due in early 2019, but I’ve also got my self-published novella, The Last Plantagenet?, which has just recently joined Ocelot Press, so I am, I think, a ‘hybrid author’, which I think sounds a lot more sci-fi than it actually is… 

It’s been a steep but fun learning curve, getting my books ‘out there’ and in front of readers. Learning the dark art of social media has been a challenge at times, but I love chatting with people on any number of topics, whether books, writing, or, randomly, the soundtrack to ITV’s Vanity Fair!

Where can we buy your books??  Links please! 

You can find all my books on my Amazon page, link here for UK readers: 

*US readers can find her books here.  

(I will never, ever get bored of using the phrase ‘my Amazon page’, and of said page actually has books on it!) 

You can also find me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and at my blog

Who are your favorite authors/writers to follow on social media?  Please give us 3-5, so we can follow them too! 

There are so many! I love historical fiction, and on Facebook especially, I think Elizabeth Chadwick is great to follow. Yes, she tells us all about her books, but she also shares photos of interesting historical items, and snippets of her research. 

Other authors I enjoy hearing from, mainly on Twitter, are Anne O’Brien, again due to interesting historical snippets, and the two co-curators of Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley and Tracey Borman. I basically want to live a combination of all these women’s careers.  

Which authors/writers do you find the most supportive on social media?  You know, the ones who are always cheering you on, retweeting your posts, and all around wonderful people.   

This is a terrible question – there are so many!!! Being part of a community within Crooked Cat Books means there’s always somebody to cheer you on, retweet interesting information of your own, or to give a boost when there’s exciting news to share. 

Beyond Crooked Cat Books, and now Ocelot Press, I’ve met some fabulous writers through what feels like a random connection on Twitter, who then go on to be such great support, people like Kiltie Jackson (, along with the historical fiction writing community, people like Alex Marchant (, a fellow Ricardian writer, who I’m now looking forward to working with on an upcoming charity anthology.

What have you done (or do you do) to show support to your fellow authors? We’re always looking for more ways to help lift each other up! 

I love doing what you’re doing right now – supporting authors by offering blog spots, and sharing fellow writers’ news. Also, it satisfies my nosy streak, and love of history, as I like even the most tenuous of links to a historical event or building, wherever possible. 

I tend to share news via Twitter more than Facebook, but I love getting involved in RT/share threads, finding out what other people have got going on in their writing lives. 

At a more local level, I’m really proud to be a host of the North Tyneside Writers’ Circle, which meets monthly in North Shields Library. I love coming up with prompts, and hearing peoples’ readings, as well as their news. We have a ‘shameless plug’ spot, where everyone gets to brag about new releases, performances etc., and hearing what they’re up to is just brilliant. Makes me so proud, even though I have hadno part in it whatsoever!

Anything else you’d like to share?  A story of support?  Your favorite book?  Favorite blog?  Add anything extra here.   

It’s the little things, I think. When somebody randomly gets in touch or makes a comment that they liked your book, completely unsolicited or looked-for, not part of a blog tour, nothing formal at all. A couple of weeks ago, fellow Cat and Ocelot writer shared a post about The Last Plantagenet? in a Facebook group, and when I went to look, a few people had made comments about it, and recommending my other books. I was so happy to read that, it made my day. 

Writing can be a lonely enterprise, however much we love it, and any words of encouragement are welcome. That ‘community’ word again, is so important; knowing there’s a whole gang of fellow writers ready to cheer with you (and for you to cheer on too), but also to commiserate when the bad reviews hit, rejections pile in, or you just cannot face the blank page. 

Thank you, Jen, for being part of "authors SUPPORTING authors."  I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you more, and having this opportunity to share you with the world!  

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  • Jennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson Whitley Bay

    Hi Jess, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today!

    Hi Jess, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today!

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