Seamus Heffernan, author of Napalm Hearts

Seamus is an author I met through our shared publishing company, Crooked Cat Books.  I haven't read his book, and I doubt he's read mine -- I have however watched all his videos and followed his path.  I find myself looking forward to what he'll do and say next.  

First up on authors SUPPORTING authors, is Seamus Heffernan.  

Who are you?  Tell us your name, any recently or soon-to-be published books, and what you’re all about.   

I've been a lot of things in a lot of different places—high school teacher, policy wonk, freelance journalist, marketing/communications mercenary, speechwriter— but right now I work in politics and live in British Columbia, Canada, where I split my time between Abbotsford, Mission and Vancouver. My debut novel, NAPALM HEARTS, is a detective story about a successful but lonely American PI working in London, England. It is the book I've always wanted to write: fast-paced with sympathetic characters and a few twists along the way--in other words, what I hope is a ripping yarn.  

Indie or Traditional?  Or somewhere in between?  Tell us how you’re getting your books out into the world.  

I suppose somewhere in the middle. I am signed to a small (but endlessly enthusiastic) publishing house named Crooked Cat. You can check out my page on their site here: 

Where can we buy your books??  Links please! 

Unless you have access to some of British Columbia's finest bookshops, the easiest way to get my book is through Amazon. Scroll down and pull the trigger, if you fancy it: 

Who are your favorite authors/writers to follow on social media?  We want to follow them too!

This is a great question, especially seeing as I've never been asked it before. 

First, I'm going to go with a couple of friends of mine, fellow BC crime scribes and just two stand-up gents: AJ Devlin and Dietrich Kalteis. 

I don't read fantasy, but I played D&D as a kid, so Sam Sykes cracks me up: 

Finally, I recommend checking out screenwriter/teacher Scott Myers. I learn something new from this guy almost every day. 


What have you done (or do you do) to show support to your fellow authors? We’re always looking for more ways to help lift each other up! 

I've struggled with this a bit. I see writing primarily as a solitary pursuit and I don't always feel part of the whole rah-rah "We're in this together!" vibe. I'm working through that. I give social media shout-outs when asked for big moments, like publication days, and when I'm interviewed I always try to mention a writer I like or has been kind to me. 

With that in mind, y'all should check out Tom Halford. He just wrote a cool book (Deli Meat) and he's a cool dude: 

Oh, and one thing that has happened a lot since my own book came out is I get a lot of questions about writing, both from people who been kind enough to read my book or aspiring writers looking for advice. I always, always write back (even if it might take a few days), so if you want to chat a bit about craft, don't hesitate to reach out: 

Anything else you’d like to share?    

If you want to learn a bit more me, sign up for my mailing list, check out my social media (including the recent Instagram video where I reveal my mother has tricked me into revealing a pile of stuff about my next novel's plot), or heck, just laugh at some horribly pretentious author photos, please stop by I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for being my first blog interview.  I loved your answers and getting to know you better.  I agree with you that most authors are solitary creatures.  I'm very private, and find putting myself out there all over social media a bit uncomfortable.  Looking at it as lifting others up helps make it easier for me.  I'll be following the authors you suggested!  (For the record I adore your author photo!)

With mirth & moxie,
Jess B. Moore

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