keep calm and ...

Keep calm folks, it's just romance.  It's just you reading for pleasure, for hope, and for love.


albert einstein isn't wrong

Have you seen this quote before?  It's long been one of my favorites.  

I took it heart when I had kids, and nearly fifteen years later, I'm still reading them fairy tales.  (Or at the very least providing…

happily ever after is not cheesy

I've recently read Rainbow Rowell's phenomenal book Fangirl.  

What I should say is:  I've recently discovered my new favorite book, which rocketed to the top of my list, and has sent me on a mission to read…

happy endings are possible

I read romance.  I write romance.  I believe in the power of love stories to lift us up.



I've created a series of graphics with the reader in mind, specifically the romance reader.  

fictional towns

My first two books are set in the fictional town of Fox River, North Carolina.  Imagine a combination of Stars Hollow (from Gilmore Girls) and Black Mountain, NC.  Beautiful and quirky, full of towns people who come out for events…

do all things with love

Along with the lovely new look of my website, I've made you a new desktop wallpaper!!  

Beautiful watercolor flowers, a sentiment of love, an my signature bee.  

Right click then choose "use as desktop wallpaper."  

I do my own stunts ...

Did you know I spend more time each day on design than I do writing?  

True story!! 

A year ago, when Crooked Cat was reading my submission, and I didn't know I'd be signing a contract in…

Beauty & Melancholy


Out of seemingly nowhere, I've offered up a free novel!

Here's the back story, for those of you wondering: 

I wrote this a couple years back.  About the same time I wrote The Guilt of

free desktop wallpaper, the November edition

Graphic design is one of my favorite new ways to express myself.  To market and promote my books.  Also, to make pretty wallpapers for my computer.  

I made this one just for YOU.  All you need to do…

First FIVE STAR review for Fierce Grace

My second book is out TOMORROW!  Get your copy HERE.

You'll have to excuse all the caps I'm going to use, but I'm really excited!! 

Best news ever:  an early reader left a review on goodreads, and gave…

Fierce Grace Release Week Giveaway!!

The sweet, sassy, sexy, small town romance Fierce Grace comes out on Friday!!  

To celebrate, I'm giving away books, journals, magnets, and other fun prizes!  Yay!

Super simple, my friends:

Follow me on Social…

free desktop wallpaper, the October edition

Becoming an author has required I learn a lot of new skills. 

Website design.  


Social Media campaigns.  

Marketing and promotion of my books and myself. 

Graphic design.  

That last…