by Jess B. Moore

I am passionate about creating beautiful and effective designs for authors. You want (need!) to showcase your work and your words – to get them seen by as many readers as possible.  If you don’t have the skills, or simply lack the time, I’ll make them for you.

Location: North Carolina

Title: Author & Artist

For a small fee – just enough to cover my time & effort – I’ll put together quality graphics for YOU.  Each is specially designed with you and your book in mind, using your existing branding, or working with you to find your branding. 

Choose your level


1.  Basics:  High quality and beautiful designs for your social media (including one Facebook post, one Twitter post, and one Instagram post). $15

2.  Stories:  All of the above, plus a Facebook Story graphic & and an Instagram Story graphic.  $18

3.  Deluxe:  Need more posts?  I’ve got you.  I’ll design three posts for each outlet (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to get you through the week.  Nine promotional designs for $36.

4.  Website:  Need images for your website/blog?  I can do that for you, too! Price depends on how many images you need, ranging from $3 – $5 per graphic.

5.  Everything:  I’ll help you design a logo, work with you to design a dozen graphics (for various social media outlets), and give you a hand in branding yourself as an author.  Logo plus twelve designs is only $48.


I am an author, and I’ve spent the last year learning what works for graphic design in the book world.
Let me help you promote your book (and yourself) online with amazing social media posts!!

Contact me to get started:

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See below for examples of my work.

I’ll use your book cover, your color scheme, and your style to showcase YOUR work to the world.

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