Beauty & Melancholy


Out of seemingly nowhere, I've offered up a free novel!

Here's the back story, for those of you wondering: 

I wrote this a couple years back.  About the same time I wrote The Guilt of a Sparrow.  It has a common element - a troupe of brothers.  That's where the similarities end.  I'd decided not to pursue publishing Beauty & Melancholy, in case you (my readers) thought it too close to my other books.  

But ... this is an entirely different book.  Calla Jane left for college wanting to escape her brother and his best friends - their surrogate family, the Lacey Brothers. We start reading when Calla is on her way back home after four years away, moving in with her brother, and immersing herself right back in what she thought she wanted to escape.  This is a story of finding self, finding strength, and facing trauma past and present, while opening up and learning to trust.  

Rather than putting this up on Amazon, I'm giving it to you.  

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter, and you'll get Beauty & Melancholy one chapter at a time in monthly installments.  (I will self publish it at the end, for those who want to purchase the whole thing as one, rather than as chapters).  

Don't wait!  Sign up today, and you'll get the first chapter of Beauty & Melancholy the first week of December.  

With mirth & moxie, 

Jess B.

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