I do my own stunts ...

Did you know I spend more time each day on design than I do writing?  

True story!! 

A year ago, when Crooked Cat was reading my submission, and I didn't know I'd be signing a contract in the near future, I had NO clue what being an author would entail.  

Now, I don't think twice about hopping onto Canva (my favorite ever!) and whipping up new posts to share.  

They make it easy!  Seriously. 

I did upgrade to a paid account, so I have more options - such as adding fonts, having my brand colors easily accessible, and more free stock photos.  

I pay for several images a month though, at $1.00 each.  Well worth it for me and all the posts I'm making.  

Author = marketing and promotion.  

Guess what?  It's FUN.  I love doing my own design!!  Playing with fonts and images and fine tuning it all, and knowing that I made it.  Are you ready to make your own??  

The answer is YES!!  Hop onto Canva.  Play around.  (Instagram posts are easiest for me, followed by Facebook, then Twitter).  Stories are my new favorite ... 

Number one lesson:  be creative!!  

Number one mistake:  not putting your name on it!!

I'm the worst about doing the design, sharing it, but not putting my name on it!  Big mistake when your goal is to get your name out into the world!  I'm still learning.  


My favorite design this week:  my new pink typewriter signature.  What do you think??  

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