I heart romance

A question I'm asked on a regular basis:  why romance?   

The answer is simple:  it makes me happy.   

Falling in love is the best.  Finding a person that likes your quirks and wants to be with you is the best.  Learning how to be yourself while falling for someone else is complicated and amazing.   

I read love stories because they bring me joy.  I write them for the same reasons.   

My characters are flawed.  As are real people.  They have something to overcome.  As we all do.  I tell the story of those people with the promise of a happy ending.   

The romance genre catches a lot of slack.  Endures a plethora of put-downs.  It's laughed at and picked on.  I hid my romance books for a long time - considering them guilty pleasures.  As a writer, when the only work I loved and finished were romances, I had to change my mind.  I am not ashamed that I devour romance novels.  Neither should you be.  Embrace it!  Read along with me.  <3

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