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praise for The Guilt of a Sparrow

I enjoyed reading Guilt of a Sparrow, it is a well written descriptive story the immediately drew me into the characters lives/world. Magnolia and Cotton are endearing characters and I savoured following their experiences (some steamy scenes there!) and reading their first-person perspectives on falling in love while they encountered many pains and emotional ordeals. The has author created a good backdrop to the characters love story. The supporting characters, their relationships with the primary characters, the town setting and the use of music in the story was well developed and tangible. I'm not sure if it was intentional on the authors part but the character I most felt for was the mother. I actually would have like to read the mothers perspective/point of view as well. Well done to the author on creating a fresh, vibrant, HOT story!”

— Maisie Porter, author of No Reception

The Guilt of a Sparrow is enjoyable yet deep. I think it captures personal growth & relationships well & has great details about the setting & characters that transport one there.”

— Malania Williams

Jess's book "The Guilt of a Sparrow" is excellent. I was lucky and had the privilege of being a beta reader almost a year ago. I couldn't put the book down read all the way through a lunch break while I was working the day job and then spent the rest of my Friday night reading it cover to cover. I'm sure you'll adore this book as much as I did.”

— Alisha Wielfaert

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praise for Fierce Grace

Fierce Grace is a delightful and passionate story. The character-driven tale hooked me in from the first chapter until the poignant last sentence. I would highly recommend Fierce Grace if you are after a soothing read; it is a classic love story that draws you into the lives of characters Annabelle and Asher and hovers in your mind long after you have finished reading it. ”

— Maisie Porter, author of No Reception

A pleasing romance. Annabelle is mature, kind and engaging. She had a deep blushing, girl crush on Asher and once he noticed her it bloomed into a full romance. Just as things were heating up nicely, the couple broke up for flimsy reasons. Their deep love brought them together again and things ended up nice and tidy for the couple. The attention to detail and Grace's relationship with her roommate, Kendra, were interesting and well-developed. On the whole, it was a quick, enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more stories from the residents of Fox River.”

— Mary Posey