I'm here for you

Take a deep breath, blink away the strain in your eyes, and rest assured I know your pain!

Message me.

Let’s talk through whatever you’re struggling with, and get back on course.

Imposter syndrome.  Uncertaintly.  Doubts.  Insecurity.

Children.  Life.  Chores.  Distractions.  Chaos.

What’s holding you back?

I want to talk you through everything keeping you from writing your book!

Why am I qualified?

As the author of SIX full length novels, I know what it takes to write a book.

I put out two books a year, which is a schedule I once thought impossible!

Want to write a book?  You can do it!

Want to publish a book?  You got this!

I want to be your writer friend.  The person you come to with your worries, the ever-growing list of questions, and the real-life struggles of being an author.  I want to celebrate your successes with you, too!

As an author, I know how much it would’ve helped me to have a a writer friend!

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